Digital as anything

Digital as anything

Last week I was invited to speak in Perth on digital dentistry and how it has changed treatment solutions for implant dentistry.   I was a little surprised with the limited use of these technologies in WA and the failure to use intra-oral digital impression techniques.

The presentation was well received and there was a lot of interest in what can be done in 2013 with CAD/CAM technologies.   I will be going back to Fremantle five more times in the next 10 months to deliver a mini residency in implant dentistry with an emphasis on digital dentistry.

What does that mean to the person in the street?  We can take 3D pictures of the mouth with an accuracy of about 0.01 mm.  That means no more impressions for people who really hate having them (I have had patients travel more than 300 km each way to avoid having an impression).  This data can be used to plan the abutments and teeth we will be making from any material we choose.  We can use milled pure titanium, laser printed cobalt chromium, whatever we want.

Just as CAD/CAM technologies has revolutionised making cars it is changing the world of dentists.  Being the ultimate techno-geek I love being at the leading edge of this technology.  What is even better is when I go the the USA and Europe I am pleased to see that we are at the forefront of what is happening.  Just because we live in paradise does not mean we need to be behind the best technology in the world, in fact we are at the leading edge!