Education for all

Education for all

I am pleased to announce that my assistants have been busy bees training and gaining higher qualifications.  Simone has successfully completed her level 3 dental assistant course and both Kira and Simone have done their level 4 training as well.  Level 4 is training in dental radiography (taking x-rays) and they join Michelle who has already done this course.

Training never stops for all the team, not just the dentists.  I am sitting at the airport about to go to Sydney where I will be chairman of the Dental Practice Committee of the ADA and one of the key topics on the agenda is providing better audiovisual training products for dental assistants.  If we are success in finding the funding we need there will be a host of videos made on a wide range of tasks undertaken by dental assistants.  This will hopefully help people who are new to the profession to get up to speed faster as well as provide useful refresher material for those who are already working in the industry.

Let’s hope the government sees the error of their ways and scraps the $2,000 annual cap on education.  In one fell swoop this would destroy specialist training programs and reduce the amount and quality of education for all professionals.  Who wants a dumb doctor, dentist, engineer or lawyer?  Specialist training starts at $35,000 per year in tuition fees alone (plus no income for the duration of the training).  With the shortest specialist course being three years it will just become not affordable for anyone to aspire to becoming a specialist and the public will be the people who loose out on the skilled healthcare workers they may need one day.