An honour but a challenge for my patients

An honour but a challenge for my patients

I was recently elected to the Federal Executive committee of the Australian Dental Association.  A great honour to have the recognition and support of my piers on the Federal Council.  This is a particularly demanding role with monthly trips to Sydney so sadly it will put further strain on the appointment book.  When you call and find I am away don’t  think I am lounging around on a pleasant holiday be comforted that instead I am in a stuffy room with a a group of mature age dentists discussing what would be for most people boring documents. Also it is an unpaid role so I don’t have my snout in the proverbial trough.

The role is an important one fighting for fair treatment for all Australians and the retention of quality dental care for all.  For example we lobby governments on equitable dental health care for the disadvantaged, elderly and children.  We were behind the push for a Senate enquiry into the behaviour of private health insurers (PHI).  Some PHI in Australia are behaving in a manner that is discriminatory to their members and I believe they represent very poor value for money to their members when considering ‘extras cover’ (they sometimes call it ‘general cover’ because they want you to think it is important to have).  From previous blogs I will rehash this point; there is no tax advantage to having extras cover and you can drop it any time you want and you will not have to pay a Medicare levy.  Extras are a source of massive profits for the PHI, indeed they make the big four banks look like registered charities when you see the profit margin they gouge out of you the consumer.  Take my advice and drop your extras ASAP, you will be up to 20-25% better off just paying for whatever treatment you need: that’s right, 20-25%, that is the profit margin of several of the major PHI.  I believe that is even higher than Apple computers, an icon of high profit companies.

Back to the Executive Committee.  From adversity comes opportunity.  This has inspired me to search for an experienced prosthodontist to join me in Port and Coffs to share the load. I will keep you up to date with this search, I am confident I will have some good news soon.

In my next blog I will share some of the exciting news on new toys I have bought this year, such as a 3D printer and other gadgets 🙂