Miami or bust!

Miami or bust!

I just got home after a super short trip to Miami, four days on the ground but worth the jet lag.  I was lucky enough to be the guest of the Biohorizons implant company to attend their Global symposium which is held every two years.  I was an early user of their products in Australia and have collaborated with product development for a number of years now.  I enjoy their commitment not only to innovation but also to excellence in engineering.  It was a great opportunity to meet the brains behind the company and the engineers that have progressed implants dramatically in the last decade.

OK then what is so different now than in years gone by?  Implants are just bits of titanium with threads on them right?  How difficult can it be?  Well you probably guessed it implants are WAY more complicated than that or this blog would be pretty lame wouldn’t it?

Why do the better implant companies produce a product that is superior to the cheaper companies?  It is all about the surface preparation and how clean the metal is.  Sounds easy to do?  It is not cheap to clean very well and leave a high energy low carbon surface.  Then there is design.  Thread shape and pitch, neck shape, connection between implant and abutment (we could talk about that for two pages) and so much more).  The machines that mill the metal are remarkably more precise than even ten years ago and a different world from 25 years ago when I started.  Laser etching of the neck of the impalnt has been shown to encourage soft tissue attachment to the implant trying to mimic a real tooth.

New technology, quality control and good design is the difference between cheap and nasty or excellence.

Remember the old adage “don’t look for bargains in parachutes or healthcare”.