Practice Accreditation then sail away :-)

Practice Accreditation then sail away :-)

I am  proud to announce that (as far as we can determine) Davis Dental is the first practice on the mid north coast to achieve Practice Accreditation.  What does that mean?  To achieve this distinction the team at Davis Dental have been able to satisfactorily meet the national accreditation standards by submitting evidence which was independently assessed by Quality Innovation Performance (QIP) against National Safety and Quality Health Service(NSQHS) Standards.  It is a mountain of paperwork and a big thank you to Simone and Michelle for leading the team to such a tremendous achievement.  I will have to create a who new page on the web site to even present a summary of all of the standards, processes and submissions that are required to meet the challenging standard required.  Of the 14,000 dentists in Australia we are in the first 100 to achieve this honour and the first in our region.  We done ladies, a big pat on the back.

We all had a good time on our annual educational and bonding exercise for 2013  when the whole team went on a P&O cruise from Sydney to Moreton Island (and back of course!).  Over the four days we were able to do a little work plus some party time as well.  Every member of staff had to give a presentation to the group which was very stressful for some.  For a guy who spends a great deal of my life talking to groups of dentists both big and small it was an education to see how scary public speaking can be for many people.  I was proud to see my staff presenting on a range of tasks they undertake and justify why it is best practice.

For me I have always found a great asset of lecturing is it makes you reconsider what ever you do from first principles up to application.  Why do we do things the way we do and how do we justify that what we do is ‘best practice’?  Even the most mundane task becomes an intellectual challenge to justify and keeps you on your toes.

It does everyone good to reflect on what we do and why.  “That is the way I have always done it” just does not cut it.  Sadly I have heard many professionals say that and they are oblivious to how foolish that view is.  Look at the world we live in.  Nothing is the same as it was 20 years ago so no process we apply should be the same either.  When new technologies or information becomes available to enhance what we do it is our responsibility to be at the leading edge and apply those processes or knowledge to the benefit of our patients.

That is our goal and promise to you.  I may spend 20% of my life either teaching or learning but when I am there I hope what we offer you is “best practice”.