Presentations 2013

Presentations 2013

I am just putting the final touches on my presentation for next week to the Dental Assistants Association who are holding their annual meeting in Port Macquarie this year.  It is the first time I have presented on “the dental implant team, working together” and I have found it a worth while exercise because it has made me reconsider what makes a team a great team.  We often get positive feedback from our patients about the harmony and coordination of the practice and I think this is due to having well trained and compatible team members.  Everyone knows their role in the team and enjoy what they do.  Of course there is a lot more to making a great team but to hear that you would have to come to the Glasshouse in Port next week 🙂

It is a busy time for me preparing other presentations for 2013.  I will be talking on intraoral titanium welding in Italy in May.  This is a fascinating area for implant dentistry and I am lucky enough to have the only machine in Australia.  We are working through the TGA requirements and I hope that many more dentists will be enjoying what this amazing machine can do for them.

In June I have been invited to be the keynote presenter on implant prosthodontics for the Australian Society of implant Dentistry for their level 2 accreditation course.  This will be a four hour marathon for the students because they will have a lot to learn and it also means a lot of time and effort for me to prepare such an extensive presentation.  I hope they enjoy it and enjoy their introduction to the world of dental implants and what they can do for their patients.